A Novel Block Merging Algorithm for Image Denoising using Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform

S.K. Umar Faruk, Dr.K. V. Ramanaiah, Dr.K. Soundararajan


There has been a lot of research work dedicated towards image denoising. However, with the wide spread of image usage in many fields of our lives, it becomes very important to develop new techniques for image denoising. In the proposed method, the DTCWT is applied on the noisy image to produce the wavelet coefficients in different sub bands. A block including the denoising point in the particular sub band is used to split in order to get distinct sub blocks. The signal-variance in a sub-block is estimated by using median estimator. The coefficients of original decomposed image in wavelet domain are estimated using the minimum mean squared error (MMSE) estimator by means of the estimated signal variance.


DTCWT ,denoising ,bock merging ,MMSE

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