Problems and Technology Evolution in Handwritten Numeral Recognition of Marathi

A Jinturkar, Dr. P. B. Khanale


With the increasing Computerization in every sector, there is growing demand for processing of handwritten documents by computer. Researchers are doing efforts to give efficient solution to this problem. Various Schemes have been used by researchers for Handwritten Numeral Recognition. Many of these systems have been developed for English, Arabic scripts. Indian languages especially Marathi needs attention. As India is Multi-lingual country the problem of handwriting recognition becomes a complex task. Some of benchmark work including development of database, efficient recognition systems have been done by researchers including U. Bhattacharya,, N. Das, et. Al. In this study; the research done in field of Marathi Numeral recognition has been reviewed.


Handwriting recognition, Marathi Numerals, Neural Network, Fuzzy Logic, Neuro-Fuzzy System

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