Development of Industrial Designs in India: An Overview

Dr. M. M. Nataraja


Consumers are often influenced in their choice not only by practical utility and efficiency, but by the appearance of an article. Many people blindly choose an article, which catches their eye by appearance. Some look for artistic merit, some are attracted by a design, which is strange or bizarre. Hence, design of goods increase profits by attracting customers. Producers hunt for an attractive design, which will increase sales. Some intellectuals do hard work by putting much thought, time and expenditure to find a design for a particular article which will increase sales. Therefore Industrial design as a form of endeavour, and as part and parcel of the business of manufacture, is something which has existed ever since the production of useful article engaged the attention of man from the days of the ancient civilizations, through the middle ages, the eighteenth century and Victorian era, down to the present day thoughts and efforts have continually been devoted to the outline and the ornamentation of the article produced sometimes more consciously, at times less consciously.


industrial designs, copyright, infringement, article, manufacture

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