A survey on Darknet and various Techniques of Onion Routing

Hansraj Mathakar, Mitesh Dedakia, Akshay Orpe


The World Wide Web is quite a large web space. Today, we assume that modern world is connected and we can obtain information in a flash. That is true to some extent, all thanks to the modern search engines (Google, Bing etc). These search engine’s algorithms process huge amount of information in a fraction of seconds. In the real word, this visible web has huge amount of information which is not indexed. Hence this information cannot be identified by the traditional web crawlers. This huge amount of unindexed information which is not spidered is dark net. Dark web is a subset of deep web. Dark web arises from the TOR network (Darknet), which is highly encrypted and thus resistant to traffic analysis and any kind of surveillance. Behind darknet, there are various types of Onion routing techniques which makes the presence of darknet feasible. In this paper, we discuss the various aspects and components involving in darknet. We also discuss various techniques of onion routing. 


WWW, Deep Web, Dark net, Onion Routing, TOR networks

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