Harnessing Solar Power for affordable care to patients

Dr. Smitha Sambrani


Electricity is critical fuel for the economic growth of any developing country like India. India is on the fast trajectory of development which demands high availability of uninterrupted power supply. India needs electricity to fuel the growth of every industry, be it large-scale or small-scale, manufacturing, healthcare or education.The demand for electricity especially in urban India is drastically increasing every year.Traditional sources of energy production utilizing Thermal, Hydro and Nuclear that light up our homes, factories, hospitalsand other institutions is always marred with alarming levels of pollution, global warming and ever increasing input and output costs of energy. Solar energy is the technology used to harness the sun's energy and make it useable. Solar  power  has  the immense  capacity  to bring  in  stability  to  the  fluctuating  electricity  generation and tariffs in India  as  it  is  cheaper  than  thermal  and  domestic  coal in longer run.  Electricity is the life line for hospitals, as all equipment required to monitor the health of the patient runs on electricity and power outages can cripple this life line putting at high risk the lives of the patients in the hospital. This study is intended to review the recent advances in utilizing the solar power through solar panels erected on the roof tops and other open spaces in a hospital to augment their total energy requirements and minimizing the dependency on the energy generated through traditional sources. The utilization of solar energy will also promote an ecological balance and conservation of Mother Nature natural resources.

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