A Study of Micro Finance: Special Reference to Female Waste Pickers in Pimpri Chinchwad Area in Pune

Dr. Rashmi Hebalkar, Meena Sunildutt Sharma


Female waste pickers are the neglected section of urban women who are struggling to make ends meet, in an occupation which is hazardous for health, and are contributing to the welfare of society, without realizing it, through collecting waste and sending it forward for recycling. These women may be poorly educated but at least some of them have been unionized and their union attempts to improve their condition. Despite the existence of KKPKP union, there are female waste pickers who have not become members of the union. These female collect waste and it is a source of livelihood for them and their family. However their needs are not fulfilled by earning money from this occupation. Finance is needed by every people. This paper describes the micro finance facilities which may or may not be available for them.


Waste pickers ,Finance, Loan, Bonus

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