Quest For Feminine Identity And Struggle For Change In Manju Kapur’s Home

Pooja Kalia


The paper aims to analyze the quest for feminine identity and struggle for change in Manju Kapur’s ‘Home’. Through her fiction Kapur artistically projects the feminist concerns and raises the feminist issues. Kapur envisions a society which is free from gender discrimination and creates the female characters in a manner in which they rebel against the oppressive mechanisms of the male dominated society. In Indian society, women have never been acknowledged as an individual outside their pre-destined roles of a wife, daughter and a mother. The female hero of ‘Home’ tries to free herself of ‘dependence syndrome’ thrust upon her by the agents of patriarchy. The paper focuses on the journey of female protagonist, Nisha towards individuality and self identity and do not like to be seen as a self sacrificing rubber-doll. She had to struggle for her existence as like other heroines of Manju Kapur, she is in the transitional phase in the quest of autonomy and feminine identity. This struggle has been going on for centuries and will probably continue till the very end of time.


Feminine Identity, Autonomy, Patriarchy, Self identity, Dependence Syndrome, Gender Discrimination, Individuality

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