A Study on Relevance of Social Welfare Services of Senior Citizens in Rural Community

Bhimappa Hadapad


Senior Citizens are one of the important assets and integral part of the society. Like others age old persons has their own needs and limitations. The modern Indian society adopted the concepts like Industrialization, Urbanisation and exposed to the emerging new concepts like Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation and brought many changes in all facets of Indian Social System. The Senior Citizens Community of our country is not exception for this change. Their needs in this age are many, but they are helpless due to their physique, changes in family and Social System. To compensate this lacuna, since independence, Government of India implemented various Social Services to Senior Citizens to realize their needs. This article intended to explore actual situation of senior citizens, problems, needs, various schemes of senior citizens, awareness and reachability and also views of senior citizens towards these welfare schemes.


Senior citizens.

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