The Interrelationship between the- Mind, Body and Soul

Himja Jamwal


Stress is an imbalance tussle between the mind, body and soul. It is natural and unavoidable feature of life. Stress faced by professional workers is substantial for many professional; it is intrinsic to be job itself, where competing demands and pressure cannot escape. The sheer volume of work can also be over whelming at time, whether one is a banker, teacher, doctor or manager. Everyone in his job evolve, either from his own direct experience or by observing colleagues, that stress can have very serious consequences, affecting the health of organisation. Stress is inevitable in our society. Researchers on stress make it clear that, to enter in to the complex area of stress, especially in to the area of occupational stress, is very difficult. During the past and modern decade, the banking sector had under gone rapid and striking changes like policy changes due to globalization and liberalization, increased competition due to the entrance of more private (corporate) sector banks, downsizing, introduction of new technologies, etc. Due to these changes, the employees in the banking sector are experiencing a high level of stress.


Constructive stress, Destructive stress

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