Sriparna Guha, Dr. Anirban Mandal, Sudipta De


The relationship between energy and poverty is obvious and goes both ways. Poverty is reflected not only in the disposable income of a household, but also in the level of energy available to a household to meet its need for cooking, lighting etc. The existence of energy poverty today is quite and well accepted around the world. In fact alleviating energy poverty is a goal of many development organizations which deal with energy issues for developing countries. According to the report of International Energy Agency, 17% of the global population did not have access to electricity. More than 95% of poor living without electricity is in countries in sub-Saharan Africa and developing Asia, and they are mostly in rural areas. This paper will provide an overview of different approaches to measuring energy poverty in the context of Rural West Bengal.  Improving the poor’s access to modern energy sources can make an important difference to their welfare and can be a catalyst for human development.

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