A case study of Indo- Kazakhstan Nuclear Partnership Agreement.

Harmeet Singh


The Signing of Indo-Kazakhstan Nuclear Co-operation Agreement is one of the historic agreements among India and Central Asian Republics. The State visit of Kazakh President Nazarbayev as the chief guest of India on Republic day parade from 23rd -26th January 2009 in Delhi adopted the declaration of Strategic Partnership Agreement. In this declaration both sides had taken pledge for comprehensive cooperation in the spheres of political, economic, technological, human resource development and counter-terrorism. later on, during Prime Minister Singh‘s visit to Astana on 18th April 2011 a deal was struck between Indian  Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and  Kazakh president Nazarbayev, for supplying of Uranium to India and a comprehensive co-operation in civil nuclear energy programme. This agreement is one of the most important agreements which encourage the bilateral trade and transactions between the two countries.


Nuclear co-operation, Strategic, Bilateral, Agreement, Uranium, Partnership etc.

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