A review on the Integrated Marketing Communication

G. Santosh Kumar


In the present world of business companies are majorly following the Integrated marketing communication when compared to the traditional marketing communications /marketing mix as a consumer oriented approach that has significantly influenced thinking and acting among all types of companies and organizations facing the realities of competition in the present open economy where the consumer decision is playing a vital role in the purchasing pattern of goods and services that lead to go for IMC by all the Companies. IMC has proved as an efficient promotional tool to communicate more universally, clear, efficiently and effectively. This article presents about the understanding of how Integrated Marketing Communication is having it’s impact on customers and business.

Integrated Marketing Communication is performed in a method of synergy rather than in isolation. Integrated Marketing Communication is associated with various concepts of marketing like brand awareness, unique brand association, positive brand image, brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, greater profitability, increased sales and market share and cost savings. Companies have to face major challenges for the successful implementation of IMC program in the present market situations.


Integrated Marketing Communication, Marketing Strategies, Communication Channels and mix, Promotional Programs, Customers.

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