A Comparative Analysis of Promotional Tools & Techniques Adopted For Retail Banking In Public Sector and Private Sector Banks

Swati Mittal, K K Pachauri


There has been a lot of restructuring and reshaping of the role of the banks in the past decade as India too has groomed itself for a more visible presence on the global platform. Stiff competition between the public sector banks and foreign players has led to public sector banks gaining a dominant while the foreign banks have had to adjust to the domestic banking scene to a great extent. In todays competitive and volatile environment all marketers including banks communicate with their target markets. There is direct relationship between promotion and sales but even then we can say that if promotional programs are towards the target customers pays to the marketer. The study uses a multi-method approach, survey based on the opinion of the customers for banking industry in India. In the study 150 customers of State Bank of India (SBI) a public sector bank and 150 customers of Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI) bank a private sector bank in India were studied. The independent samples were formed which could be analyzed using null hypothesis test to investigate whether the difference between the promotional tools and techniques adopted by ICICI Bank and SBI was significant statistically using the weighted average method. The difference between the type of promotional tools and techniques adopted by ICICI Bank and SBI are highly significant and this is because of the significant difference between the customers evaluations and perception for the public sector banks and private sector banks


Bank, Customers, Perception, Promotion, Survey

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