Awareness of Urban Population in Punjab to Water Resources of the State and Perception about the Quality of Water Used

Amanpreet Singh Brar, Balram Dogra


Water is an important constituent of life. The per capita water availability is reduced to one half since 1952. On the other hand the Water Resources Ministry predicted that per capita demand for water will increase from 634 cum in 2001 to 822 cum in 2025. In Punjab an annual shortfall of 1.25 mham was estimated in 2001. Thus resulting in an over exploitation of the underground water resources. Awareness about the existing resources is a prelude to judicious use of a commodity. A study was designed to know the awareness level of the urban population towards available water resources. It was found that the awareness level of the literate respondents was not upto the mark viz. only 31 per cent know that two third of earths surface is covered with water and only 46 per cent were aware of the fresh water availability for drinking purposes and crop cultivation. The hydrological cycle is known to only 60 per cent respondents, respectively. Depth of water table in their respective cities was known to only less than 2 per cent respondents. The change in water table was known to 85 and 96 per cent respondents of Ludhiana and Jalandhar cities, respectively but in the remaining three cities, the corresponding figures was less than 7 per cent. The respondents rate the quality of water supplied by respective Corporations as average. It was a matter of satisfaction that 76 per cent respondents were aware of the impending water scarcity.


Awareness, Hydrological cycle, Fresh water, Water table, Water quality

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