A Comparative Analysis of Womens Economic Empowerment through Self Help Groups

Reena Dhaiya, Rajdeep Dhot, Nikita Ostwal


Empowerment as an individual and collective process is based on the following five principal: self-reliance, self-awareness, collective mobilisation and organisation. Economic independence or access to an inherited or self-generated income is considered to be the major means of empowerment of women and Self Help Groups have played a significant role in empowering women and poor people. So, the present study is an attempt to evaluate the level of Womens economic empowerment through SHG i.e. income, expenditure and saving of the member after joining SHG. The study has been conducted in Sirsa district and the study is based mainly on primary data collected through well structured scheduled and pre tested survey. For the analysis the study, average and percentage method have been used. The present study revealed that SHGs positively improved the economic empowerment of women because of in both blocks the SHGs members income has increased after joining the SHGs and the family expenditure of SHGs members has also increased in both blocks due to positive change in the SHG members income. After joining the SHGs, saving of groups member has increased.


SHGs. Women Empowerment, Income, Expenditure, Saving.

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